Since the beginning of this project I have been wondering.
It’s it so important for the end User to use an App that is not developed natively.
For my part, i am too much in love with the Apple ecosystem & Swift.

So I was wondering if we could detect and measure an impact on the choice of technology used to develop the application.

In this study, I decided to focus on Apps rankings, using 10566 Apps scanned by AppScan.

Native is dominiting the Apps development


  • Native development is far ahead
  • Globally, without a focus on the top ranked Apps, we detected 75% of native Apps, which is very close to the first 1st article of that blog the 1st article
  • If we look from the Top 100 to the Top 10, the pourcentage increase at every step.
  • Finally, if we study only the 401 Top 10 Apps, 81.3% are fully native.

React native at the second place


  • ReactNative is the number 2.
  • If we look to the Top 100 to 10, React Native is pretty stable. (is it a sign of maturity?)

Flutter, the challenger?


  • Flutter is the number 3.
  • To the Top 100 to 10, Flutter decrease at every step.

Impact of the technology on rank, conclusion

If your goal is to take a seat in the top ranked Apps, developing a native app seems mandatory. ReactNative et Flutter are good challengers.
I forgot to mention Cordova & Xamarin in this study but the numbers are small than Flutter and the correlation pretty similar (less and less pourentage on each steps to the top 10)

But …. how is ranked an App?

While writing this article I had some hesitations…
How does Apple decide to rank an app?
Is it just a fair result?