We can work directly using the App published on the AppStore, or with a given .ipa
Data are collected using on scanning engine

Collected information why?
Xcode version It’s interesting on which Xcode version the App is compiled
App technology Native, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Xamarin, Web
Private configuration : Apple Keys/values Discover some Apple magic key/values
configuration : Official Apple Keys/values App parameters supported by Apple
configuration : Custom Keys Keys/values Custom paramaters specific to the App
App permissions The App requested permissions at runtime
App “private” Schemes List of scheme to open the App
App requested Apps List of schemes that the App can try to open
Images, assets images, medias, asset files
languages management localization files, .strings, strindDicts
External Librairies List of frameworks
Apple Librairies List of Apple frameworks
App Extensions List of the App extensions for iOS
App Entitlemented features List secured/entitlemented features
Risky files List of risky files (human readable)