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AppStore schemes database

2 minute read

On September 2022, AppScan has scanned more that 5000 Apps in the most top ranked. Finally, we decided to build a schemes database & to published somes o...

Apple Transport Security or not

less than 1 minute read

On iOS, the network exchanges is an important layer of the security. This layer is used by the App when performing network requests with : URLSession, ...

AppScan - data collection

less than 1 minute read

I started to work on that project some years ago. I was working another project RocketSkill, a quizz App for the tech recruiters. I was trying to aggregate l...

AppScore - definition

1 minute read

why? We have created an AppScore : To be more objective to judge a App Detect strenghts and the weaknesses of the App. Be able to compare Apps

App Technologies

less than 1 minute read

Since 10 years we have seen a lot of cross-plateform technologies. Every time, there is some reasons to select an alternative technology.